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Watch This Movie and Be Happy

Not everyone has the time or even the cost to go to tourist attractions or the outdoors. Luckily, a study says that we don’t need to go to tourist attractions if we want to be happier. Only by watching movies, we can get that happy feeling. How is that? Here we will explain.

A study led by a psychology professor named Dacher Keltner from the University of California, United States, states that watching documentaries with a nature theme can actually make us happier. In this study, Keltner and his team did find out whether there was an effect of watching a natural documentary for one’s mood.

The results of research conducted by involving more than 7,500 participants succeeded in demonstrating the fact that someone who watches a documentary nature turns out to tend to experience an increase in positive emotions while reducing negative emotions, even though he only watched it for a short time.

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