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Crying While Watching a Movie Turns Out to Be Healthy Mental

Are you among those who like to spend time watching movies on weekends like now? If we pay close attention, now, more quality movies can drain our emotions so that we end up crying loudly. Even though it looks embarrassing because we look whiny just because of a movie, health experts say that crying while watching a movie can actually provide health benefits for our psychological.

A study conducted by the University of Oklahoma said that those who cried while watching a movie were able to release their emotional side in a healthy manner. Without us knowing, if we let go of crying while watching this movie, we also release various burdens of thought that are in the mind. This turned out to have a positive impact in terms of reducing stress in the body.

With the results of this study, we no longer need to worry if we do not have the time or money to enjoy tourist attractions or vacation in the open. Simply by watching a movie, we can reduce stress.

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