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Beware of the Bad Impact of 3D Movies

Watching 3D movies is indeed more impressive than ordinary movies. But, according to a survey, it is known that watching 3D movies can endanger the audience. Why is that?

3D technology movies and better movie frames can actually cause viewers to be dizzy, nauseous, and blurred. 3D movies cannot make viewers experience a deeper and more intense emotional reaction. The audience can’t even remember the story in the movie in detail. Watching 3D movies can cause headaches, increase the risk of fatigued eyes, and other vision problems up to three times.

Although many people think 3D movies are impressive, it seems that they don’t really remember the storyline well. This is due to the way 3D images deceive our vision system. Normally, the human eye will focus and follow the object as it approaches the eye. However, when watching a 3D movie the human eye is forced to constantly work because the appearance of 3D images is made as if there were.

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